Comox Valley Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are given weekly, over a ten-month period from September to June. Payments are made by post-dated cheque, dated the first of each month, made payable to Jocie Ingram. Cheques are due on the first lesson in September.


Rates and guidelines are as follows:

Level Lesson Length Cost
Beginner 30 minutes $20 per lesson
Grade 1-5 45 minutes $30 per lesson
Grade 5-advanced 1 hour $40 per lesson

Missed Lessons

If I am sick, or have to cancel a lesson, it will be made up. If a student needs to reschedule a lesson, please give advanced notice and I will reschedule within the given week if convenient. Make up lessons are not offered for illness, family holidays or when a student does not show up.


A recital will be held in June. Student participation is expected. Participation in festivals and other performance opportunities will be encouraged.

Group Classes

Group classes are held about four times a year. This is a chance for students to meet each other, gain performance experience, and enjoy some fun games and snacks! There is a children’s group (12 and under) and a teen/adult group; both groups have students of mixed levels.


Music books are not included in fees, and can be purchased locally at Long & McQuade. Most students need two to three books each year. I have a large music library, and often supplement with my own materials.

Studio Fee

Each family pays a $30 studio fee, due in September, which is good for one year. The studio fee covers things such as group classes, recital booking fees and photocopying.

 Ending Lessons

If a student wishes to cease piano lessons, one month’s notice must be given.